What is Crackle? Free Streaming Movies & TV

Crackle is a free streaming TV service which allows its users to view movies and TV shows for free – but with ads injected into the streams.

What’s on Crackle?

Crackle typically provides some great, modern movies, as well as many B-movies and some new releases.


Movies on Crackle are typically of high quality and high production value, but there are some average ones in there.

Here’s a sample selection of some of the best movies on Crackle with links to watch NOW (*note: Crackle rotates its movie selection, so some/all of these may no longer actually be on Crackle):

Crackle has the BEST free movies to stream online

Download Crackle

Crackle is available on many device types, such as:

Install Crackle

Crackle is easy to install, since it’s an app that’s natively available on several major app hubs, such as: