Best FREE Netflix Alternatives 2016

With such a limited variety of content on Netflix (relative to the amount of video content available), it’s necessary to list the best Netflix alternatives (the totally FREE ones).  Here is the list:

Netflix Alternatives #1: Crackle

Netflix Alternatives like Crackle keep you free from cable bills!
Crackle: Top Netflix Alternative

Crackle is a heavy-hitter in free streaming TV service.  They’ve been around for awhile and they actually have some great movies in their Featured movies section.  Crackle is one of the best Netflix alternatives, hands-down.

Netflix Alternatives #2: PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is another good online streaming TV & movies service.  They have apps available for just about every type of device, which has helped make them one of the best free streaming TV services in the world.

How to Watch movies on Popcornflix

Netflix Alternative #3: Over-the-Air HD Antenna

You can get an HD Antenna for about $20 and plug it into a TV, and you might be surprised what kind of TV stations you can receive with one.  We managed to receive HD signals of several local channels, which includes local sports channels for streaming free NFL games!

Netflix Alternative #4: Free Movies Cinema

Free Movies Cinema has a vast selection of streaming movies from big-name companies.

They also have several great old classic horror movies like White Zombie and the Cabinet of Dr. Calgari. (Netflix Alternatives) (Netflix Alternatives)

Netflix Alternative #5: Veoh

Veoh is another online streaming service that provides free streaming TV and movie content for multiple languages.

Veoh is geared toward International video content – so expect to see a huge emphasis on non-English languages in their video content.  Americans, UK, and other English-speakers will prefer to shy away from Veoh and use something more English-centric such as Tubi TV (below).

Netflix Alternatives #6: Tubi TV

Tubi TV is another provider of free streaming TV and Movies.  They also have an app for iOS and Android.

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