Free Streaming TV: List of FREE Streaming Providers

Free Streaming TV is a concept made popular on the Internet in order to collect ad revenue by showing people free streaming TV shows and movies with interstitial ads and pre-roll/post-roll ads.

Free Streaming TV: Cutting the Cord (Legit & Free)

A person could actually never subscribe to any paid-subscription streaming TV services such as Netflix – and simply just use free streaming TV services that broadcast their content legally and “legit”.

How to Switch from Netflix to Free Streaming TV

By using free streaming TV services instead of Netflix, you can still watch great free streaming TV without worrying about copyright issues or moral issues about whether the artists who produced the content are getting their share of royalties (and they are when you use “legit” free streaming TV sources because their ad revenue pays the producers their royalties).

Some examples of providers of free streaming TV include Crackle, Popcornflix, and BBC iPlayer.

Watch Top-Grossing Movies Free on Crackle
Watch Top-Grossing Movies Free on Crackle

List of Free Streaming TV Sources:

  • Crackle:  Great movies, available for Android, FireTV & Firestick, iOS
  • Popcornflix:  Good movie selection, available for Android, iOS, and other devices.
  • BBC iPlayer:  Great English TV Shows such as Robot Wars
  • YouTube
    • There are TONS of great YouTube-only TV series out there.  Try them out.
  • Kodi
    • Yes – Kodi is great for free streaming TV playback.  Use it to play YouTube videos and other various legitimate free TV links.