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Best FREE Netflix Alternatives 2016

With such a limited variety of content on Netflix (relative to the amount of video content available), it’s necessary to list the best Netflix alternatives (the totally FREE ones).  Here is the list:

Netflix Alternatives #1: Crackle

Netflix Alternatives like Crackle keep you free from cable bills!
Crackle: Top Netflix Alternative

Crackle is a heavy-hitter in free streaming TV service.  They’ve been around for awhile and they actually have some great movies in their Featured movies section.  Crackle is one of the best Netflix alternatives, hands-down.

Netflix Alternatives #2: PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is another good online streaming TV & movies service.  They have apps available for just about every type of device, which has helped make them one of the best free streaming TV services in the world.

How to Watch movies on Popcornflix

Netflix Alternative #3: Over-the-Air HD Antenna

You can get an HD Antenna for about $20 and plug it into a TV, and you might be surprised what kind of TV stations you can receive with one.  We managed to receive HD signals of several local channels, which includes local sports channels for streaming free NFL games!

Netflix Alternative #4: Free Movies Cinema

Free Movies Cinema has a vast selection of streaming movies from big-name companies.

They also have several great old classic horror movies like White Zombie and the Cabinet of Dr. Calgari. (Netflix Alternatives) (Netflix Alternatives)

Netflix Alternative #5: Veoh

Veoh is another online streaming service that provides free streaming TV and movie content for multiple languages.

Veoh is geared toward International video content – so expect to see a huge emphasis on non-English languages in their video content.  Americans, UK, and other English-speakers will prefer to shy away from Veoh and use something more English-centric such as Tubi TV (below).

Netflix Alternatives #6: Tubi TV

Tubi TV is another provider of free streaming TV and Movies.  They also have an app for iOS and Android.

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Free Streaming TV: List of FREE Streaming Providers

Free Streaming TV is a concept made popular on the Internet in order to collect ad revenue by showing people free streaming TV shows and movies with interstitial ads and pre-roll/post-roll ads.

Free Streaming TV: Cutting the Cord (Legit & Free)

A person could actually never subscribe to any paid-subscription streaming TV services such as Netflix – and simply just use free streaming TV services that broadcast their content legally and “legit”.

How to Switch from Netflix to Free Streaming TV

By using free streaming TV services instead of Netflix, you can still watch great free streaming TV without worrying about copyright issues or moral issues about whether the artists who produced the content are getting their share of royalties (and they are when you use “legit” free streaming TV sources because their ad revenue pays the producers their royalties).

Some examples of providers of free streaming TV include Crackle, Popcornflix, and BBC iPlayer.

Watch Top-Grossing Movies Free on Crackle
Watch Top-Grossing Movies Free on Crackle

List of Free Streaming TV Sources:

  • Crackle:  Great movies, available for Android, FireTV & Firestick, iOS
  • Popcornflix:  Good movie selection, available for Android, iOS, and other devices.
  • BBC iPlayer:  Great English TV Shows such as Robot Wars
  • YouTube
    • There are TONS of great YouTube-only TV series out there.  Try them out.
  • Kodi
    • Yes – Kodi is great for free streaming TV playback.  Use it to play YouTube videos and other various legitimate free TV links.

What is Video Compression?

Video compression is the practice of processing a video stream and rebuilding it to be a (typically) smaller file size.

Purpose of Video Compression

The purpose behind video compression is to make video files and video streams faster and easier to transmit via Internet or through offline means.

Types of Video Compression


Xvid was created as an open-source alternative to the proprietary video format known as DiVX.  DiVX was great at compressing video, but was closed source.  Xvid was created as a free video compression method for all to use.

Why is Xvid Great?

Xvid produces video content which is playable in virtually all modern video players – thus making Xvid the successful video compression format it has become.


Blu-Ray has become a favorite media format for millions of people.  The stunning high quality provided by Blu-Ray capabilities gives people the HD and quasi-4K video quality they love in movies & TV.

Why is Blu-Ray Great?

The amount of data that Blu-Ray discs can hold allows movie makers to put super-HD content on Blu-Ray discs.

List of Free Video Compression Sites

Below is a list of free compression software that’s available for all to use.

Sample Video Clips

Big Buck Bunny is a cartoon made years back that was published in several different digital formats, including various compressed formats such as MP4 and MKV.  Here are some samples of those compressed Big Buck Bunny samples:

Watch Big Buck Bunny on Vimeo: Samples of Video Formats
Watch Big Buck Bunny on Vimeo: Samples of Video Formats

Video Compression Sample Stills / Screenshots

Refer to these sample stills & screenshots to see the difference between 720p and 1080p, for example, in a still shot (side-by-side).

3D Video Compression & Rendering

3D Video is a special type of video where the image actually contains two separate images: one for the left eye and one for the right.  When the two images are places side-by-side within the one main image, this is called SBS (for Side-by-Side) or HBS (for Half Side-by-Side).  Both terms mean the same thing!

3D Video Rendering

Since 3D Video requires 2 images (one for each eye), 3D Video rendering must render two frames instead of just 1 frame like normal.  This causes significantly higher system requirements to render video in 3D.


What is BBC iPlayer? Free Streaming TV

BBC iPlayer is an app and free streaming TV service that allows users to stream TV shows for free on just about any device.  The catch is that the device’s IP address must be located in the UK.  For non-UK viewers to bypass this, you can use a simple unblocking method called VPN routing.

What’s on BBC iPlayer?

Great shows are in BBC iPlayer’s catalog, such as:

How to Watch BBC iPlayer

  • Visit in your browser, or just Google “BBC iPlayer” and click the first result
  • Install the BBC iPlayer app on your Android or iPhone / iPad (links below)
    • If you’re outside of the UK and wish to watch BBC iPlayer, follow this guide to Unblock BBC iPlayer.
How to Unblock BBC iPlayer Video Tutorial
How to Unblock BBC iPlayer Video Tutorial

Download BBC iPlayer for Android

Download BBC iPlayer for iOS

Unblock BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is blocked for non-UK residents.  Fortunately, it’s easy to unblock.  Just follow this Unblock BBC iPlayer guide at

More Resources

What is South Park Online? Free Episodes of South Park

South Park Online is a free online service that allows you to stream episodes of South Park.

What’s on South Park Online?

Pretty much every episode of South Park ever made is on South Park Online (at least Seasons 1 through 19).

How to Watch South Park Online for Free

Simply point your browser to  From there, you’ll be able to watch episodes of South Park for free online.

Watch South Park Online for Free

Best Episodes of South Park


Best Seasons of South Park

What is PopcornFlix? Free Streaming Movies & TV

Popcornflix is a great, free online streaming TV & movie service.

What’s on PopcornFlix?


Popcornflix has an average quality selection of many, many movies.  Here’s a sample:
Sample selection of free movies at


Popcornflix also carries a selection of TV shows, as well.

Download PopcornFlix

The Popcornflix app is free and can be downloaded at various places on the web, such as the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.

Watch Popcornflix Free Online In Your Browser

What is Crackle? Free Streaming Movies & TV

Crackle is a free streaming TV service which allows its users to view movies and TV shows for free – but with ads injected into the streams.

What’s on Crackle?

Crackle typically provides some great, modern movies, as well as many B-movies and some new releases.


Movies on Crackle are typically of high quality and high production value, but there are some average ones in there.

Here’s a sample selection of some of the best movies on Crackle with links to watch NOW (*note: Crackle rotates its movie selection, so some/all of these may no longer actually be on Crackle):

Crackle has the BEST free movies to stream online

Download Crackle

Crackle is available on many device types, such as:

Install Crackle

Crackle is easy to install, since it’s an app that’s natively available on several major app hubs, such as:

What is Xvid? Video Compression EXPLAINED

Xvid (short for “Xvid compression” or “Xvid encoding”) is a free video compression format which produces media capable of being played on virtually any modern media device (PC, laptop, smartphone, etc).

Benefits of Xvid

The benefits offered by the Xvid format are caused by the great compression levels which Xvid uses to encode video streams.  Major online streaming services and platforms such as Kodi commonly make use of Xvid-compressed video streams.

How to Play Xvid Video Files

How to play Xvid files varies from device to device, but typically you follow this general method to play Xvid files:

  1. Open a video player app on your device
  2. In the video player app, go to LOAD
  3. Locate the Xvid file on your device’s memory and click OK or OPEN
  4. That’s it – you’re done!  The Xvid file should now play on the device – enjoy the video.

What Devices Can Play Xvid Files?

One of the main ideas behind Xvid is for it to be playable in as many modern devices as possible, so fortunately most modern devices will play Xvid files.  Xvid files are playable on the following device types:

List of Device Types Capable of Playing Xvid Files

  • PCs, Mac, and Linux computers
  • Android devices
  • iOS devices like iPhone & iPad
  • Many Streaming TV Boxes

Where Do I Find Xvid Files?

  • has listings for movies you can watch on Kodi which have been encoded using Xvid encoding.

Sample Xvid Screenshot

Xvid sample screenshot
Example of an Xvid-compressed movie

What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the measure of data along a route in the Internet.

How is Bandwidth Measured?

Bandwidth is contemporarily measured in Megabits per second (Mb/s) or Gigabits per second (Gb/s)

Megabits vs. Megabytes

Point of common confusion regarding bandwidth

Megabits per second and gigabits per second are not to be confused with Megabytes per second or Gigabytes per second.

  • What’s the difference between MB and mb?
    • The difference is between the bits and bytes.  Capital B should stand for BYTES, and lowercase B should stand for Bits.  One BYTE equals Eight BITS.  Just like a dime = ten pennies.

Bandwidth Capping

Some Internet Service Providers cap their users’ bandwidth usage for various reasons.  To get around this, use a VPN to prevent bandwidth-capping and set it up using this video tutorial.

What is Kodi? Full-Featured Media Platform EXPLAINED

Kodi is a media platform for playing various types of media, including streaming movies and TV.


Kodi is based on a system called XBMC, which originally was intended for running on the original Xbox gaming console.

Purpose of Kodi

After years of development and porting to several operating systems and system architectures, Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) is now an extremely popular way for people to stream TV shows & movies.

Kodi’s Fanbase

Various websites have sprung up supporting Kodi and Kodi’s user base, such as and

Kodi Fan Sites

Download Kodi

Downloading Kodi is simply a matter of going to the site and clicking your device’s operating system in their Download page,

Where to Download Kodi

Install Kodi

How to Install Kodi

Kodi is typically pretty simple and hassle-free to install, so try installing it on a few of your devices:

Install Kodi on Fire TV & Firestick Guide & Videos at KFireTV

Install Kodi on Android

Install Kodi on PC

Install Kodi on Mac