What is BBC iPlayer? Free Streaming TV

BBC iPlayer is an app and free streaming TV service that allows users to stream TV shows for free on just about any device.  The catch is that the device’s IP address must be located in the UK.  For non-UK viewers to bypass this, you can use a simple unblocking method called VPN routing.

What’s on BBC iPlayer?

Great shows are in BBC iPlayer’s catalog, such as:

How to Watch BBC iPlayer

  • Visit http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer in your browser, or just Google “BBC iPlayer” and click the first result
  • Install the BBC iPlayer app on your Android or iPhone / iPad (links below)
    • If you’re outside of the UK and wish to watch BBC iPlayer, follow this guide to Unblock BBC iPlayer.
How to Unblock BBC iPlayer Video Tutorial
How to Unblock BBC iPlayer Video Tutorial

Download BBC iPlayer for Android

Download BBC iPlayer for iOS

Unblock BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is blocked for non-UK residents.  Fortunately, it’s easy to unblock.  Just follow this Unblock BBC iPlayer guide at unblockusnow.com.

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